Featured on High Times: THC Teriyaki Chicken

Featured on High Times:

Pot foodies scrolling through Instagram might have noticed increasingly extreme stoner dishes appearing in their feeds, bursting with big flavors, slathered in melted cheese and packing a medicated punch with the active ingredient infused into mayonnaise, spicy ketchup or thousand island dressing.

Brought to you by Dave Wais, otherwise known as @TheHerbalChef420, the diverse photographic parade of oversized sausage and pepper sandwiches, shrimp po’boys and fried rice, carne asada, pad thai and inventive fusion creations like “Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza Pies” is enough to tempt any svelte stoner away from a sensible diet. And that’s before you get to the equally insane dessert course. Wais prepares items like M&M cookie sandwiches stuffed with cannabis chocolate and peanut butter Oreo and berry chocolate cereal bars topped off with Captain Crunch. It’s the kind of food you might make in college after doing gravity-bong hits with your roommate, provided your college roommate was Guy Fieri or Harley Morenstein.

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