Eggstoridinary Sandwich
Smoked turkey, Mushroom, & Onion omelette with a strawberry corn salsa. Served on a fresh roll.
Dave’s Spice Mix
Strawberry Corn Salsa
  1. We begin by bringing water to a boil and adding the two whole corns on the cob to the water to cook(Add salt to your water before you add the corn).Boil the corn for about 15-20 minutes until the corn has absorbed the water and plumped up a bit. While the corn is cooking in the background turn a second burner on high and let your pan heat up before you add your olive oil(By adding the oil after the pan heats up makes sure you don’t burn your product)*. After heating the pan for three minutes add the two teaspoons of olive oil(off the flame). Saute the red onions and mushrooms for about 5 minutes each beginning with the red onions first. After sauteing the veggies add both the smoked mexican and boiled turkey to the pan along with one teaspoon of Dave’s spice mix and two teaspoons of honey. Saute all together until the turkey becomes slightly golden brown in color. When the right color is achieved add the egg to the pan and turn the heat down between medium and low heat(we don’t want to overcook the eggs) and cook for three minutes covered with a lid. After three minutes have past turn your burner to low and uncover the pan. With a spatula carefully overlap one side over the other to form your omelette. After you have formed your omelette shut off the burner and cover the pan with the lid and move it to the side for sandwich prep. Now lets start and get the salsa ready for the sandwich. Throw into a medium sized bowl the diced strawberries, cherry tomatoes, boiled/grilled corn (kernels only), red onions, and minced dill. Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of ground black pepper, one whole lemon freshly squeezed, and mix all together and there you have a simple quick refreshing salsa.
Assemble The Sandwich
  1. Take a fresh roll slice it in half (Scoop the extra bread out the top half of the roll) I then layer a section of the omelette (Omelette can be divided into 3 sandwiches)on the bottom with the strawberry and corn salsa on top and voila you have your amazing Eggstrordinary sandwich.